Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in 2015

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as a partial or complete inability to reach or maintain an erection hard and long enough for sex to happen. Sometimes, ED is called impotence.

There are a lots of possible methods to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The method chosen depends on the individual, on the grounds of the problem, and on personal requirements. In 94% of cases, ED or Impotence is totally treatable.



If the reasons for your problems are purely psychological, then the best ED (impotence) treatment for you is counseling.

With sex counseling, it is real to outdo many psychological problems that usually hinder you during sex which can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

First, contact your psychotherapist and work with him, either alone or with your partner, to decrease possible tensions.

Sexual counselors are sometimes very helpful, especially when it is necessary to solve such Erectile Dysfunction problems as poor sexual communication and high expectations.


ED Medications

If Erectile Dysfunction is experienced due to serious health conditions (for example, diabetes,high blood pressure, heart disease, or atherosclerosis) then oral prescription drugs should be used.

In the United States and UK, there are 3 drugs approved for the treatment of sexual problems. These are as following:

These ED drugs are available by prescription only.

These medications need a valid prescription from your doctor and are used right before sex (as needed). Oral drugs are effective for 70% men, but may cause some unexpected side effects like dizziness.

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Injections for ED

Injection meds are also available for ED treatment. They are injected by a short needle into the corpora cavernosa of your penis.

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Medications, like phentolamine, prostaglandin, CAVERJECT® (alprostadil) and others give results that last for 30 minutes or longer. Injectable medications give more direct results as the medicine works only in the penis and not in the entire body.


Vacuum Pumps

The vacuum pump is another popular treatment for male sexual problems. It is relatively compound when compared to oral pills. The penis is placed inside a plastic tube which forms a seal.

When vacuum is achieved, the penis gets hard, thus providing the necessary erection. Then a soft ring is placed on the penile bottom to be left there for up to 40 minutes. Vacuum pumps can be applied in domestic conditions, but need some experience and practice from you.

Erectile Dysfunction Implant



Surgery is the most difficult option for ED treatments. During the operation, implants, such as a metal rod covered with silicon, are surgically inserted into the penis so it gets erected.

There are also more complicated inflatable penile implants with two tubes. Sterile liquid is pumped into the tubes before intercourse and afterwards the liquid is returned to the reservoir. Penis surgeries are very complicated and can cause serious failures, therefore they are considered to be dangerous.

Vascular reconstructive surgery is a very rare way to treat erectile dysfunction that is used to help improve blood flow into the corpora cavernosa. During this operation, clogged veins which are not pumping blood properly are removed and replaced with veins taken from leg.

This kind of erectile dysfunction treatment provides the best results for young men with 50-70% positive results. Vein binding is another surgery performed to prevent veins from leaking and helps improve erections in up to 50% of cases.


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Erectile Dysfunction Herbal Treatment


Natural Treatment

Overall health is very important for sexual health. Therefore, in less serious cases, natural health treatments can be used as one of the ways to improve sexual dysfunction. The main elements of natural treatments are healthy foods and a herbal diet. It is best to eat whole and fresh meals, a lot of fruits and berries, vegetables, and seafood.

Fried foods, coffee, sugar, dairy products and caffeine are not recommended for those suffering from ED. You should also drink a lot of water. Nutrition supplements and vitamins will assist you in proper dieting to reduce the risks and lower the level of problematic sexual intercourse.

Herbal treatments also work in some sexual dysfunction cases. Plus, they don’t cause any side effects. Such herbs as panax ginseng, turnera diffusa, ptychopetalum olacoides and others are used to treat impotence and are considered to be strong aphrodisiacs.


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Also, kegel and aerobic exercises, when combined with a healthy diet and medications, will help your ED treatments provide better results.