Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Is There Treatment for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

Millions of men around the globe encounter difficulties in obtaining or maintaining an erection necessary for a sexual satisfaction. There are many causes of this disease and the number of those affected is growing rapidly. The stress and alcohol abuse are just two of the factors. Other causes that contribute to ED are diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and specific treatments or mental illness.

If you are worried about the occasional erectile dysfunction, note that the excitation is getting slower as you get older, and that satisfaction should not be equivalent with performance. However if you have a serious and persistent erectile dysfunction, is best to see a doctor. The number of therapeutic options has increased in recent years.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

In general, regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction, the man will be seriously affected psychologically. According to the studies, approximately 60% of ED has psychological causes. If erections occur in some situations like during sleep or masturbation is safety to assume that erectile dysfunction is due to psychological factors.

Other sighs that show that ED is psychological in nature:
•    Is often a temporary situation.
•    Has a sudden onset.
•    Impotence occurs only with a certain partner.
•    Potency is normal when you leave the daily environment (during holidays).
•    Treatment with some drugs.
•    Excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
•    The presence of important problems: professional issues, economic issues, arguments between partners.
•    The presence of important existential issues that occur over longer periods of time, weeks or months.

If a man suffers from this type of ED and does not deal with the problem, he will bring tension in the life of the couple; will become less tolerant and very competitive professional in order to compensate.

Reaction of the partner is very important in this situation, an inadequate response induces a sense of depreciation and guilt, which worsen sexual impotence and affect negatively the harmony of the couple. Most times, in such circumstances, ED is associated with a decrease in sexual desire and premature ejaculation.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The best treatment is psychotherapy; it can help by reducing anxiety and couple problems. It is also recommended that life partner to be actively involved in this form of therapy. Besides psychotherapy it is also required some changes in lifestyle:
1.    Quit smoking. Smoking promotes the formation of plaque in the arteries and their narrowing causing circulatory problems throughout the entire body.
2.    Maintain an optimal weight.
3.    Keep blood pressure and cholesterol level under control.
4.    Do not drink too much alcohol.
5.    Exercise on a regular basis.
6.    Reduce stress.