Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Diabetes and its complications may have a negative impact on sexual life. Complications of diabetes on the heart, nerves and immunity are often to blame for the consequences on the sexual life of the patient. Diabetes weakens the penile arteries and also damages the nerves leading to a poor blood flow and the disruption of erectile reflex. On the other hand patient develops infections caused by low immunity (foreskin mycosis) that makes the sexual act painful. Sexual problems of this nature can have both physical and psychological causes.

Physical causes

Fatigue. If blood glucose is too high the patient will feel too tired for sexual activity. This can be resolved by keeping under control this illness.

Urinary tract infections. When blood glucose is high, the patient is prone to urinary tract infections, so intercourse can become painful and uncomfortable.

Loss of bladder control. If the individual has problems with nerves from the bladder, can not realize when the bladder is full and therefore will not know that he has to go to the bathroom. For this reason, it is possible to urinate during intercourse or orgasm. To prevent this, it is recommended that patient tries to urinate before and after intercourse.

Psychological causes that affect the quality of sexual life are usually the same, whether or not the person is suffering from diabetes.

The most common are: lack of communication between partners, arguments, stress, fear of pregnancy or impotence, sadness, depression, rigid and restricted education, cases of sexual abuse.

Almost half of men with diabetes become impotent. The main causes are the destruction of the nerves and of blood vessels in the penis, and poor control of blood glucose levels. Happily physical impotence usually develops difficult, but once started it worsen quickly. Symptoms include a less rigid penis and erections that happen rarer and rarer. Finally, erections will go away. The best way to prevent impotence is to maintain control of blood glucose levels. Also the patient must have an assessment of prostate, hormones, cardiovascular system, and neurological and psychological aspects of this disease, coordinated by a doctor who has an overview of diabetes.

A little exercise is good for a diabetic individual. Studies on male longevity in the field of sexuality demonstrate the positive role of good hygiene of life and the practice of regular physical activity.