Natural herbs for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a theme much discussed today that concerns teenagers, adults and elderly, not only because is directly related to procreation, but also because a fulfilled sexuality, accompanied by love, prolongs life.

Erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence can be a secondary reaction to a systemic diseases or medication; there are many drugs that trigger impotence and premature ejaculation. Specific disorders such as: penile disorders, spinal cord disease, vascular disease, diabetes,  drug abuse, excessive alcohol or tobacco are several other causes that lead to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction men. Half of cases of impotence are determined by psychological reasons like: stress, anxiety, depression, fear and worries. In this case psychotherapy and encouragement from the partner are essential. This frustrating condition affects not only self-esteem of the man, but also his sexual partner and work performance.

Erectile dysfunction is not always related to age, it can occur in young people as easily as in elderly men. The symptoms of this affection are easily noticed: loss of sexual desire, inability to maintain erection, ejaculation failure, lack of orgasm, etc.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in commercially available products specifically designed to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, whether with or without prescription. Currently, solutions that do not need the doctor’s approval include pills, patches and devices for impotence, which in some cases has proved effective in milder forms of impotence.

There are also many natural treatments that come to support those who wish to improve their sex life and to cure impotence. These natural treatments are not very expensive, adapted to any budget. A 100% natural treatment for impotence is Viga Plus. It is based on arginine and herbal extracts (Epimedium sagittatum, Lepidium meyenii, Tribullus terrestris, and Withana somnifera) that boost libido, increases the resistance of body and improve the penile circulation. You can find it in drugstores, but it is best to talk to the urologist first. The exact cause can be determined only by the doctor, after thorough discussion and medical analysis.

Some brands (Cali plus, Dura male) are well known to cure erectile dysfunction problems and help men to have a stronger erection and prepare them for sex. Although there is a wide range of conventional treatments available, many natural alternatives can improve both the physical flow of blood needed for an erection, and psychological peace to feel the ability to control performance in bed. After all, it is this combination that leads to a successful healing.