Stress and erectile dysfunction

Prolonged stress and mental exhaustion, permanent anxiety and depression can all be causes of erectile dysfunction. Even some problems in couple life can lead to a decreased libido and finally to impotence. Other problems that can influence the sexual function are: an intense feeling of guilt (following a behavior considered immoral), disappearance of sexual attraction for the partner, a general feeling of depression, an unsatisfying couple relationship and frequent fights. Almost any man has once faced the lack of erection or difficulty in maintaining it under certain conditions: when he was too tired, when he drank too much alcohol, money worries etc. But when these problems become too frequent there is a possibility that temporal impotence to become permanent.

To deal adequately with this problem is not just filling up the pills, first you have to recognize its existence and to analyze issues in life to find the possible causes. As has been said, prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, problems in your relationship, these may be the roots of erectile dysfunction. Psychotherapy can be extremely beneficial. Such a specialist can help you see life differently, to perceive what is wrong, to realize clearly your dissatisfaction and your needs are and most importantly, he can help you managing the issues identified.

If stress is caused by a busy professional or unrealized life, the man can build a list of realistic expectations for himself and ways equally realistic to meet those expectations. If the issue lies in his family relationship he must learn to communicate. To share the negative emotions and have them explain to the person who caused them is the first and most important step in healing a relationship. Stress also should be fought by adopting relaxing habits.

Doctors say that stressed people need at least an hour of relaxation every day, in which in which they can do what they enjoy in order to relieve accumulated inner tension. Any activity that would release stress is welcomed: sport, a walk, taking a warm bath, a friendly meeting etc. If stress has evolved to a complete exhaustion, there are specific techniques for relaxation and obtaining inner calm. It is preferable to see a specialist for this, but relaxation techniques can also be found on the internet or in magazines. The most important is to take the first step. Stress affects not only your sexual capacity, in time it also affects the intellectual, physical and social abilities, it is affecting the quality of your whole life.